Health & Safety

We aim to provide our employees with a clean, safe working environment. Where required and in keeping with governmental requirements, health and safety committees have been formed to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Our primary objective is to achieve and maintain the highest practicable level of health and safety standards in all areas of Caxton CTP Limited operations.

In our endeavours we ensure:

  • Matters affecting health and safety are accorded a high level of priority;
  • Adequate precautions are taken to prevent injuries, incidents and damage; and
  • The provisions of all relevant legislation as well as our internal Health & Safety Management System are complied with.

 To achieve our goals we:

  • Train our employees in occupational health and safety issues in order to ensure competence in the workplace.
  • Are aware of the potential hazards implicit in our work activities.
  • Are aware of our scope of authority in terms of Occupational Health and Safety control.
  • Manage occupational health and safety to acceptable standards.
  • Enforce health and safety measures with discipline in the workplace.
  • Protect the public and other people from health and safety hazards associated with our work.
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