Health Clinic

We operate several health clinics to provide occupational health care to employees.

Occupational Health Care

Medical surveillance programme: Audiogram, Spirometry, Vision Screening, Physical examination

  1. Pre employment medicals on new employees.
  2. Periodic medicals on existing employees.
  3. Employee medicals on interdepartmental relocations
  4. Exit medicals on employees who are leaving the company
  5. Biological monitoring of chemicals on employees who are exposed to hazardous chemicals i.e. Toluene.
  6. In-service training of “First Aiders” regarding checking of First Aid boxes and how to cope in emergencies.
  7. Weekly walkabout in plants to identify health hazards.
  8. Management of COID cases – injuries on duty.
  9. Management of Occupational Diseases.
  10. Organising External Occupational Health Service provider every two years to conduct a hygiene survey.
  11. Regular hygiene inspections of Ablution facilities.
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