Ours is a business with over a hundred years of publishing experience in magazines and community newspapers. We are the primary, most read provider of local information, advertising and news in South Africa. We produce quality magazines and newspapers our readers identify with because they reflect what matters to them most.

Caxton Magazines

We are one of the leading publishers of magazines in South Africa boasting 13 titles covering a range of topics; family, woman, home, lifestyle, decor, entertainment, religion and farming. Magazines are printed in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Caxton Magazines employs 250 talented people and besides the editorial and ad sales teams it also has a highly creative studio that produces ads and advertorials for clients.


Caxton House
368 Jan Smuts Avenue

Telephone (011) 889 0600

Advertising Manager: Debbie McIntyre
Telephone: (011) 293 6107

Media Manager: Dianne Albertus
Telephone: (011) 889 0931

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