Skills Development

Good progress has been made in 2010 with the company spending R48-million on training of which, R37-million was spent on training Black employees. Currently there are over 300 Category B apprenticeships and RPL programmes (recognition for prior learning) of which 243 where apprenticeships for Black employees. The substantial increase in 2010 can be attributed to more accurate capturing of spend on training across the group and the RPL programme has proved to be highly effective as many of our employees have the necessary experience and skills however, no formal qualification. Employees are now being assessed and will receive recognition for their practical experience at the end of the programme.

We have extensive training programmes designed to train and develop our staff at all organisational levels including:

Senior Management training is carried out in partnership with both The Wits Graduate School of Business and University of Stellenbosch Business School where a number of our senior executives have completed courses from the senior management development programme to the prestigious MBA degree.

Our Management Development Programme is directed at middle management and emerging junior management and we have partnered in this programme with Production Management Institute for their unique modular part time courses in both production and operations management.

Our Graduate Programme has been highly successful over the past ten years and has produced a number of stars who have progressed to senior management.

Apprenticeships – We continue to identify existing employees or unemployed learners who are able to participate in the various apprenticeship programmes applicable to the industry. Our efforts remain focused on ensuring that not only do we provide opportunities for employment in our group, but also to assist with the supply of qualified apprentices to the rest of the industry.

A challenge remains to attract Black females into apprenticeships as well as the lack of learnerships available from MAPPP Seta. For example; Caxton Printers recruit ten apprentices at the beginning of each year. Each apprentice receives pre-training and is given a basic introduction to the printing process. Five fortunate apprentices are then selected to attend College. Over the past six years well over 100 people have qualified as printers, fitters and electricians.

Internal training programmes are developed to increase the skills shortage in the industry including; Caxton Newspapers Cadet School, sales and advertising training, creative writing, mentorships and graphic design courses.

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