Socio-Economic Development

We strive to improve and socially uplift the communities in which we operate, primarily through the investment of financial resources. Community initiatives visibly demonstrate our commitment to education, job creation, sport and community welfare. This means that we are not only a financially sound corporate citizen but that we are also a socially conscientious one.

We have a vested interest in the economic health and prosperity of the communities in which we operate, investing financial resources in education, health, development programmes, community training and skills development and arts, culture and sport.

We continue to seek areas where we can positively impact the plight of disadvantaged communities as demonstrated through the provision of free and discounted advertising and editorial space to Black organisations and educational institutions in all our publications, both newspapers and magazines.

This year we spent R13.2-million to sustain projects initiated in 2008 and 2009 that provide support to more than 75% of Black beneficiaries. A few of these projects include:

Sponsorship of Dowling Primary School
Support of Itshepeng, an NPO organisation that runs a feeding scheme for 500 people, 5 days a week and a maths and science programme helping to educate 200 children each year.

Sponsorship of Kids Haven; a shelter and children’s home.
Supplying hard and soft covered exercise books to West Rand School.

Sponsoring various arts, culture and sport sponsorships.

During the next fiscal year, the Socio-Economic Development initiatives and Enterprise Development initiatives will continue. The BEE Steering Committee, in conjunction with the divisions, will continue to identify new initiatives in this regard.

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