About Caxton

Ours is an unconventional business success story. By doing things differently and better for over 25 years, we have grown from small beginnings into one of the largest publishers and printers in South Africa. Our roots are deeply embedded in the country, and our heritage directly and indirectly correlates with that of many of South Africa's original printing giants. We remain the maverick company of our early days, continuing to push the boundaries and display a free spirited flair for print.

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    Keep up to date with the latest in advertising, digital, printing, binding, distribution, media and / or other news regarding Caxton, CTP and their related businesses.
  • Digital Replication

    CTP Digital Services manufacture DVD’s and CD’s for the entertainment industry. We are a internationally networked media and communications services provider.
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    The key to managing a successful newspaper, magazine, and CD and DVD business is distribution. Click here to learn more about our Distribution services
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