CTP Stationery

We at Caxton and CTP Stationery are driven by the quest for excellence across all the disciplines of product manufacturing in the global market of this industry, working with a team of committed, well trained and empowered employees.

We aim to provide products of outstanding quality to our clients and superior returns to our shareholders, whilst contributing to the growth of a democratic and prosperous South Africa.

We continually strive to be acknowledged both locally and internationally as a reputable source and provider of high quality products in all our specialised fields.

We endeavour to ensure that the needs and expectations of our customers are consistently surpassed. The attainment of this vision and mission requires a sustained level of superior customer service and operational excellence, to ensure the continued growth and expansion of our business.

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Flip File was founded in 1970, and has grown into South Africa's leading plastic pocket file brand, renowned for robust, high-quality files.

Unlike other plastic pocket files that split down the seams or tear out at the spine, Flip Files were designed to be hard-wearing and to withstand years of frequent use.

The best materials were used in our original designs, and we committed to staying abreast of technological advancements so we could constantly enhance our files. We have done just that, and today our industry-leading pocket files have become a mainstay of this sector of the stationery market. The same precision, workmanship and dedication to quality that went into the production of the very first Flip File more than 50 years ago guides our business today.

In fact, our brand is so well known that South Africans fondly refer to all pocket files as flip files, even beyond the original Flip File brand.

This reputation has been built on our unwavering promise to consistently deliver product and service excellence, and to continue developing reliable products that complement our customers in both their work and home spaces.

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Physical address

14 Purdey Road, Sheffield Business Park
Philippi, The Western Cape
South Africa