We are committed to the importance of accelerating sustainable printing practices, thereby minimising environmental impact for a greener future. We are learning that sensitivity to the environment doesn't have to be at the expense of customers and that the long-term benefits of sound environmental practices outweigh any additional costs incurred.

We have made excellent progress in assessing the group's carbon emissions and during the next year are committed to attaining a 2% reduction in emissions. To reduce our carbon emissions we have initiated a pilot Energy Measurement and Management Programme at Parow printing plant in Cape Town.

This programme is being conducted by Global Carbon Exchange (GCX), who assess carbon emissions through a business case energy efficiency audit and this detailed energy grade audit will enable us to implement an energy reduction strategy across the group. The opportunities presented by the programme will make our operations more energy efficient and provide us with renewable and alternative energy technologies that in the long-term will provide beneficial cost savings.

We participated in the 2009 and 2010 JSE SRI Index research conducted by EIRIS Ltd, a global leader in corporate sustainability and responsibility research. They are an independent organisation conducting research into corporate responsibility and sustainability issues. Our responses to the survey has resulted in us being assessed as an eligible company for the JSE SRI Index.

With effect from 1 December 2010, we have been included in the JSE SRI Index.


  • To conserve energy and natural resources.
  • To minimise waste and its impact on the environment.
  • To use products from environmentally responsible sources and with minimal packaging repercussions.
  • Continually assess the potential effects of our activities on the natural, social and economic environments.
  • Ensure each employee is familiar with the environmental policy. All employees are trained and expected to work and act safely at all times. They accept responsibility for preventing pollution, conserving the use of resources such as water and energy and minimising of waste generation.
  • Achievements in safe guarding the workplace and the environment against hazards resulting from our operations. We strive to attain the highest possible degree of physical, mental and social welfare of our employees.
  • Involving ourselves in sustainable community projects that contribute to social upliftment.
  • Conduct regular environmental external audits.